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“Core business functions will live outside your walls”

As companies increasingly integrate their core business functionalities with third parties and their platforms, forward-thinking leaders leverage these relationships to build their role in new digital ecosystems. As they do, they’re designing future value chains that will transform their businesses, products, and even the market itself.

These ecosystem decisions will continue to redefine businesses in shifting industries. Who will your company be in 10 years? The answer depends on choices being made today.

Africa has 350 million strong middle and upper class currently expected to jump to 430 million by 2020, in a 1.3 billion continent by that time,  technology will have a significant impact in modernizing African markets in effect creating this portal.


As an African owned company, seeks partners that wishes to implement internet services within the African  continent.

Community is of high priority for with a program that includes building sustainable businesses with project sao.  It aims at Education, Technology and sustainable small businesses. is also a platform where small businesses can promote, market and sell their products simply by registering and being a member for free. is a brand of choice for Telecommunication in the African market. Globally, we provide consulting in the areas of Cloud Architecture, Web site hosting as well as Social events for dialogues and education purposes.  We have physical presence in New York City, NY and Seattle, WA.

great company

“Our firm used Afridom to consult us of the use of IaaS as a scalable platforms for new applications or expanding existing applications to larger audiences. This avoids long-term investments in hardware and provides location independence.  Great service!”                          Francois D. ; CEO

“The concept of this service is solid and if referrals can generate significant amounts of revenue then it makes sense to sign up… it could pay off big time as well.”

Ramses Bekele Barca; Wine connoisseur

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