Video Conferencing

The In-Person Experience, Online.

With a warm smile and a wave hello, create relationships that can only be made when people truly connect. HD video conferencing delivers the face-to-face experience that makes your meetings memorable.

Have more control over your video meeting environment

Take the time to customize your personal audio and video conferencing preferences before you enter your meeting so that you can be confident about your video call experience. Now you can join your meetings trusting that your settings work, so you can get to work.

Choose who you view

Focus on those who matter by selecting which video participants you want to see on your screen. Streamlining thumbnail views allows you to engage directly with the meeting participants of your choice, without distracting from screen sharing content.

Online conferencing at your fingertips

With the click of a button on the toolbar transition from an audio-only online meeting to a video conference, share your screen and even record the meeting. Direct message with meeting attendees and send files without leaving your video conferencing service platform.